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A selection of IT services we offer

If you cannot find the IT solution you need, please call our Southampton team on 01489 290 001 or drop us an email via the same page. You can place your mouse over each picture for more info. Each section includes a case study with more info on how we helped businesses like yours.

Who are we?

We are an IT services provider looking after companies on an ad-hoc basis to bring down their internal costs, whist providing a professional service. This means your business does not need to worry about staff recruitment, training and handover because you can provide the IT concerns to us and focus on making money for your business.

How Birak IT can help your business?

For many companies, there is a need for IT support but the problem of full time staff is that you have no cover for holidays, training and what happens when they leave for another job elsewhere? Relying on one person means that when they leave all the knowledge they had about the business goes too. Replacing that person is fine, but what happens to missing information. When you outsource your IT needs to Birak IT you have us available for all your IT support. You can focus on your business and make money and we can take away the stress of your IT support and help you save money in the process.

At Birak IT we are working with applications from various suppliers like Microsoft (including Microsoft 365, Office 365, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint) and VMware. There is also physical hardware from Dell, HP, Netapp and Cisco. This is just a sample of what we know but with our team we are working to keep our knowledge in the sector growing to help you.

For small business, having a full time IT person may not be a requirement so if you could reduce the hours of support you need, you can save money. To help our business customers further we offer flexible payment options. Rather than pay the same each month you could save during the year when your IT requirements reduce. For others, we have fixed price terms who wish to limit your IT needs. If you are a customer with a large demand of IT services, we can cater for you too with our bulk IT support plan.

Where are we?

Our IT services are based in Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire. Birak IT is an IT services company to help your business grow with 20 years of IT experience in Hampshire. We pride ourselves on honesty and will keep you in the loop with any work we carry out. Feel free to call our team even if it's just an enquiry or drop us an email via the same page.