About The Director

Baldeep has been working with computers from a young age. Baldeep worked with computers in school, studied in IT and Computing in college and then completed a university degree. He left university with 2 qualifications BSc (Hons) DipIS:

  • BSc (Hons) in Computer Network Management and Design
  • Diploma in Industrial Studies

Baldeep has worked in the IT industry over a decade, working with Homebase, Pall Corp, VT Group (now part of Babcock) and Taylor Made Computer Solutions. Baldeep then started his business Birak IT. Find out more about Baldeep and his career on Linked insocial media icon

About Birak IT

IT outside of work was a hobby for many years. Baldeep is passionate when it comes to working with technology and for years he would give up his time to help people and learn more on various aspects of IT during the evenings and weekends. It got to a stage where he wanted to do more and help more people. As a result he started Birak IT.

If you prefer, check out this video from Baldeep and his aim is to help as many small businesses in Hampshire.

Why work with Birak IT?

Our team look at areas of repeat incidents, response times and customer satisfaction. We look at how we can improve on all aspects to help you and your business keep up and running without needed to call our helpdesk on a frequent basis.

Our solutions are aimed to save customers time in the long run. With a recruitment company, we streamlined processes with our bespoke solution. This made a 10 minute task only 10 seconds. Given they were carrying out their processes 10 or more times a day this saved each staff member over 1 hour each day.

"Fast, friendly, tidy and efficient. Good work all round, thanks!"

Director at a Recruitment Company

We are here for you

We mentioned about how we want to keep our customers happy with the solutions we place. We also look at ways we can help you.

  • We share our stories on our blog, facebooksocial media icon, twittersocial media icon and other platforms
  • We provide video on our YouTube channel with useful guides to get the information you need
  • We provide you access to the Birak IT Software Library (or BIT Lib for short) from a trusted source.
  • We are working more and more businesses in Hampshire. You can see our customer feedback showing how much happy customers mean to us.

About Our Services

Birak IT is bringing you IT services from Hedge End, Southampton. An IT firm to help your business grow. We specialise in Microsoft and VMware technologies. We work with small to medium sized companies. For more information on our services, please see our services page.

We have 20 years of IT experience in Hampshire. We pride ourselves on honesty and will keep you in the loop with any work we carry out. Feel free to contact us even if it's just an enquiry or drop us an email via the same page.

The Birak Bulletin

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