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Keeping your current IT systems in place could cost you money. Buying new IT systems could equally be costing you in the pocket. So what do you do?

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If you are starting a business, you start to think about buying x, y and z. If your computer is running slightly slower, it could be enough for a spring clean. We can provide a health check and give you some options for you to decide the next action. If this was he motoring industry, how many car dealerships would say that?

If you are working on your own, or with a small team, having systems that are slowing you down reduces productivity and as a result, costs you in staff time. You may require overtime too. If you are looking for a hosted solution we can cater for you too.

Case Study for upgrades

Ashley runs a Physiotherapy Clinic in Fareham and has a number of computers. When we looked at what he was asking and then looking at what he actually needed, there was a big different in price. Replacing the current computers systems would have been more profitable for us, but we felt it wasn't the best solution for the DDB Therapy.

We provided a couple of solutions with the benefits of both and within a few days Ashley has since only replaced 1 computer running Windows 7 as it is near end of support from Microsoft. Some computers needed some extra memory and carry on working well. The computers run better now than ever before. DDB Therapy gets good use of their IT and Proactive IT has saved money in the process. No more trips to each clinic to check the health of each computer. We look forward working with Ashley in the years ahead.

"We started using Birak IT several months ago. Highly recommend as they are very accommodating and tailor service to your business needs and budget. How, they helped reconfigure our MS 365 reducing costs per year, set up our documents streams on MS SharePoint, reducing the need for Dropbox. With Proactive IT programme which monitors the health of your PCs, which we have found invaluable."

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Upgrading vs Buying New

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