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Microsoft 365 for Small Business

Before we carry on, Microsoft 365 used to be called Office 365 before April 2020.

Save, Save and Save Again

✔ Move your spend from CAPEX to OPEX
✔ Pay only for the number of actual users of a Microsoft licence
✔ Have the ability to add or remove users at the click of a button, and upgrade licences to suit business requirements and corporate strategy
✔ Save time with automatic system updates
✔ Save money today for other parts of the business as you will not need a server or weekly maintenance!

Making servers better with cloud solutions

Servers are necessary to businesses, however you don't physically need one in your building.
☁️ Forget about patches and maintenance as your cloud server is automatically updated
☁️ Easily manage budgets with a fixed-cost cloud server
☁️ Give employees secure access to business-critical apps from anywhere
☁️ Move away from single point of failure scenarios

Case Study for Small Businesses and SMEs

Daniel and Chris co-own an air conditioning business and wanted to streamline the business systems. The existing email system caused problems sending and receiving emails on a daily basis. In addition, there was worries about the safety of the company files. The only way to work on files between the team was to email files.

Microsoft 365 has allowed Daniel, Chris and the team to access email without worrying if the email would be stuck on the computers. The new filing system they have means that no files are emailed to one another. The team can work on the same document at the same time on both their Windows and Mac computers.

Staff work between offices and this new system allows everyone to access files on the move. When Daniel is out of the office with a proposal on his mobile (saved a few minutes earlier by colleagues in the office), he is able to maximise the expertise from team members whilst being professional to his future customers. There are no worries about any lost documents. When a team member is off on holiday or taking time off for illness, Daniel can see the emails of staff members and reply back to customers at his desk. These improvements in productivity saves time looking for information when staff are out and it's all company data is shared within the team.

"Since we have been using Birak IT we have received IT solutions that have saved us both time and money. Service is fast, professional and friendly with an easy to use dashboard for raising problems and queries which are updated promptly. Birak IT is professional, experienced and we have no hesitation in recommending their services."

Daniel at Woodhouse Environmental Services

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We help small business save money...

...and increase productivity. If you cannot afford to spend thousands of £££s on IT kit, space for files, backup, software and maintenance then please read our case study. Our team can set you up with an affordable solution without the added maintenance costs each month.

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In our busy lives, we need to access email on the move whether it's on a laptop, tablet or your smart phone. What would be even better is getting access to your files on the move too.

If you are working on your own, or with a small team, having Microsoft 365 will allow you to scale up your business and whilst you only pay for what you use. Whether you gain 1 member of staff a month or even 5 you only pay for the extra demand when you need it.

Speed up your work with Microsoft 365

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