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Keeping our phones secure

We provide a service for phones and tablets

There used to be a time where keeping your laptop safe was a top priority, but now out phones and tablets are just as important. Just like laptops and computers, you need to ensure it's in a safe place and the phone is locked.

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In our busy lives, we use smart phones as an alternative to cameras taking pictures and recording videos. As a result we have precious memories of loved ones on a device we may not even own if it's a work mobile.

For most people, there are passwords for x number of websites and we may not know what they are when we changing phones and replacing a lost or stolen phone. Sometimes the phone needs speeding up but you may not risk wiping it if you don't know what is left to back up.

Case Study for Small Teams

Mandy is working with a small team and within the marketing department they use every social networking app you can think of. When Mandy said her phone was slow and wasn't sure what to back up, we had a look and the first job was getting all files off the phone and onto her computer.

We have been rescuing files, pictures and videos from computers, tablets and phones for a number of yours. Have have a process for Apple iphone, Google Android and Windows Phone. When we are sure we have all the login details and the customer has the passwords, we begin the process of wiping the phone. This helps you save paying for apps again in future. Mandy has all her apps and a speedy phone. She also has all the details to get into the accounts from her computer too.

"Thank you Birak IT. You have rescued files, we thought we had lost. We now use your backup plan and this runs whilst we work. Our files are safe and it doesn't cost us time. We highly recommend Birak IT."

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Supporting companies around Southampton

Our team have recently helped companies provide business mobiles solutions in Southampton and the nearby locations below. Just like the Mandy, if you would like a business mobile solution with a professional service for your business please call our team on 01489 290 001.

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With our solution, you can work from your mobile and tablet too. If you would you like to work out the office and on the move, call our team on 01489 290 001 or drop us an email.