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...and increase productivity. If you cannot afford to spend thousands of £££s on IT kit, space for files, backup, software and maintenance then please read on. Our team can set you up with an affordable solution without the added maintenance costs each month. Interested? Call the team for more info.

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In our busy lives, we need to access email on the move whether it's on a laptop, tablet or your smart phone. What would be even better is getting access to your files on the move too.

If you are working on your own, or with a small team, having office 365 will allow you to scale up your business and whilst you only pay for what you use. Whether you gain 1 member of staff a month or even 5 you only pay for the extra demand when you need it.

Case Study for Start Ups

Margaret started her social enterprise business in 2016 and helps individuals gain skills and get into paid work. She has a team in Southampton and they started off using their own emails, had documents on multiple computers and often there would be a problem of which document is the most up to date. Sometimes files would be updated on 2 computers and then looking for updates on 2 files became a time consuming task.

Office 365 has allowed Margaret and the team to see the same files on any computer and even her mobile. With SharePoint when one member of the team updates the file, everyone sees this update. There are no more worries about lost documents either. When a team member is off on holiday or taking time off for illness, Margaret can see the emails of the team and reply back to customers. These improvements in productivity saves calling staff members for information as it's all shared within the team.

"Excellent advice and support could not be better."

CEO of a Social Enterprise

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