Need an application, then speak to our team and get every bit downloaded. Here you will find access to numerous files in one place. Here at Birak IT we even help you get internet content quickly and easily. If you cannot find it here, please call the team on 01489 290 001 and we will help you get it.

Microsoft Windows (version 10)

Microsoft Windows 10 came out in 2015. Get the latest and best operating system Microsoft has made to date.

Microsoft Office (version 2016)

Get the latest version of Office from Microsoft. See the alternative versions available too.

Notepad ++ (version 6.9)

For web developing Notepad++ is great as you can colour code text on the page and work out simple items like a start and finish of a paragraph tag.

Cisco IP Communicator (version 7.0.4)

Cisco on the other hand is about phones and networking. The IP communicator helps you make calls from your computer without having to dial in numbers on your phone (but you will need compatible hardware before you can use this). If you would like more info on this please speak to the team.

More downloads are added over time. These will be shared along with a search facility. If you have any recommended applications please contact us and we will add them soon.

Please ensure you have up to date antivirus software on your computer so that you can check any file you download before you open them.

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