A moving landline

Don't be stuck to the wall

There used to be a time where you had to phone your landline provider to move home / office a date when their engineers were available. With our phone system you can work in one office today, the home tomorrow and even better another country the day after. The number you show to your customers will still be the same and so will the cost of the calls.

picture of s local telephone number

In our busy lives, we travel to see clients, work from home and take calls around the clock. The hours you work doesn't have to determine the location you work from. We can help you work from a location of your choice and still appear to your customer that you are in the office.

For most people, there are occassions when you cannot physically be in the office. In the past you would have to make the calls from your personal mobile. If you are running a business and a customer sees a mobile number, they may call you outside of work hours too. Having a landline number not only hides your personal number, but allows you to cut off work in the evening so the team can help your customers when you are away.

Case Study for Small Teams

Mark runs a practice with small team in the health sector. They didn't want to be fixed to a physical location and await for an engineer to turn up to install the phone line when they moved premises. With the help of a roaming landline, they were able to move on the date of their choice and be up and running in minutes.

During the move off offices, the telephone was up before the computers, printers, scanner and payment machine. We didn't call out any phone company to install the phone. It was just a matter of plugging in a cable. The very next day, there were 3 other rooms up and running with the practice system and calls came through. The business was up and running quicker than expected.

"Really appreciate your help. Thank you."

Mark, Chiropractor

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