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BIT Blog

Welcome to the BIT Blog from Birak IT guiding you through tech news stories we see and hear today. Here are 48 recent blog posts. If you don't read blogs often and prefer news to your mailbox, please sign up to The Birak Bulletin.

GDPR does not have to be a headache

There is now 2 months left to go for the new EU regulation that all companies have to follow (even if they are outside of the EU). For smaller businesses the process is easier so take advantage now.

Why Office 365 for your business?

For small businesses having a server in the office could be costing your more money than moving to the cloud.

Spectre and Meltdown, how it affects us

Did you know, that your phone, tablet and computer may be affected by Spectre or Meltdown or both? We explain how to stay safe

Where's my data?

When we are dealing with paperwork, finding a file or even information within a letter is a time consuming process. With technology, we can find what we need with as little as a simple search. Want to know more?

Should you outsource your IT?

When it comes to your internal IT support, what are the benefits to keeping your IT in house vs outsourcing the expertise.

How to lock your computer from the outside world

You may not know this, but your computer could be accessed by someone across the room, in another building or even in another country. A few changes could be enough to stop this.

Our YouTube Service is Live

We have had a number of blog posts over the last year and now we decided to make these into videos that can help you.

WPA2 wireless is not safe

Researchers have found a flaw in the way we connect using WPA2 wireless and how our access points or routers are updating us.

How Google is changing the internet

Like it or hate it, the browser of your choice could be the web browser of the past.

Why is Outlook the best email client?

If you don't use Microsoft Outlook, you should ask why large businesses do? If you do use this, then have you explored the features and benefits?

Sync and Share, how much?

There is too much data floating about but what is the solution to help manage this all. Find out more in this post.

Prevention or Cure. Which do you go for?

When it comes to our homes we look at keeping our family safe. The same goes with our cars, but what about your IT? If you could prevent an incident occurring, would you?

Stay safe from Petya and DoublePulsar Rootkit

There is a new threat about today that is affecting computer systems across the globe.

Are you suffering from the IT Road Block?

Whether you are starting your own business or growing an existing business, getting your IT connected takes your time up, when ideally you need to focus on working with your customers.

Virtual meetings can save IP's time and money

In April 2017, a new set of rules came into place. Find how out the new rules affect you whether you are a creditor or an insolvency practitioner.