How Ransomware Damages Your Computer

Ransomware is one type of virus. Before we go into detail about viruses, you may find our video helpful.

Basically with a virus on your computer, there is likely to be one of 3 points
• Causing harm to your files
• Getting information about you
• A combination of the above to get earn the creators money

With ransomware, we are talking about the latter. Recent examples included Jigsaw, Cryptolocker and WannaCrypt. We would like to introduce a second video from Dr Pound at the University of Nottingham.

To keep yourself safe, we recommend:
• You keep your software up to date
• You keep your computer up to date (Windows, Mac, Google, Linux and Unix systems updates)
• You have a backup system in place if you need to revert back
• Software firm Comodo recommends patch management to protect your IT equipment

If you are running Windows 7 on any of your computers in 2019, plan to upgrade to Windows 10. In 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

No system is 100% full proof, so keeping your files safe is one measure to avoid being a victim of ransomware. You may have to have your computers look at, refreshed and you can help yourself by minimising lost work.

How long could you stop working?
The time not working can add up when there is an outage to any business. Here is a simple calculator to help you determine the cost to your business.

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