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On many occasions the true damage of computer systems affected with malicious data is not seen till the clean up begins. In 2013 a ransomware called CryptoLocker caused damage to IT systems which locked your out of your files unless you paid the ransom. CryptoLocker was still causing damage to computers and even servers in 2016. Then from 2017 we came across Wannacry, mentioned by Dr Pound at the University of Nottingham.

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In our busy lives, we need to access to our tech every day, but if we lost our files, how long would it take to get all of this information back. This is just as important on our tablet or your smart phone too.

If you are working on your own, you don't have the luxury of swapping computers. For this reason alone we feel that another day won't hurt and just work around the problem. For some infected computers delays cause more harm than good so where do you go for help? With a larger team one computer can affected others too. Computer viruses are spread without you knowing.

Case Study for Small Teams

Gordon is working away on his computer when he realised something is wrong with it. When he tried searching for help on unknown, it would get adverts and pop ups appeared on his computer. Later on his emails were not updating so he had to look back at emails from a number of days and apologise for delays getting back to his customers. He then had to plan for a day without his computer whilst he was out on the road.

Our team could see a number of problems. We couldn't just plug the computer on and into our systems otherwise the infection could spread. We have a number of ways to rescue the files and when we got the computer set up from scratch Gordon had all his emails, access to files and no more virus. It even runs better now than it used to before he had the virus. He even has a backup of his files.

"Since the work you carried out 3 months earlier we have had no further problems. Thank you."

Gordon Brown

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