How Google is changing the Internet?

Lets start by rewinding back 10 years when we were talking about Internet Explorer dominating the browser wars with the Microsoft operating system installing a default browser. This caused a lot of anger from the competition and Microsoft had to include a browser choice. At the time, Internet Explorer had the market share of web browsing.

Moving forward 10 years, the competitors Firefox, Opera and Safari are still used by some. Whilst they were watching each other, Google took a new direction to shake up the industry and they introduced Google Chrome for Microsoft Windows in September 2008 (at the time celebrating the companies 10th anniversary). 9 year later they have overtaken all their rivals and more than half the global web browsing is carried out by the Chrome browser.

With the mass market using their product, Google have the power to affect how websites are made and what content may or may not appear. After all they are the big search engine that many use day to day.

What about the future?
Google informed the public that they want all websites to have a security certificate. As a result, all websites that do not start with HTTPS (s for secure) will show a warning sign.

image of Google Chrome showing an insecure website

Currently in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome you will see one of these pictures.

image of Microsoft Edge showing a secure website

image of Google Chrome showing a secure website

Here is a copy of the email the Google Search Console Team sent out
image of Google email notification

The change over takes effect in October 2017. Google have stated, any website that does not have a security certificate may appear lower in search results. If your website is not ready for the switch over, your customers may see a warning when they visit you.

Update for July 2018 Google will now warn visitors if you visit an website that is not secure.

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