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Are you suffering from the IT Road Block?

When you are travelling, an unexpected diversion can cause you time via a longer route and maybe cost you money when you miss that meeting. The same goes with the IT systems.

Getting your desktop computer connected is one task, but what about connecting the rest of the physical hardware and software? How much time do you really need and how can you keep this cost down?

When you start working from a desktop PC. you may know how to connect it together to have a working computer. The next part to consider is the connection with the internet and the phone line.

image of IT devices connected to the internet

For a larger business, there is the consideration of shared systems. This is where more than one computer can access the same files. You may even access your account from any of the computers. How do we go about setting this up? Depending on your requirements, we would advise a meeting with our consultants.

It doesn't stop here. There is another aspect. Whether you are using software on your computers or connecting to an internet based application, you will need to work with different providers who offer a range of great packages, but the reality here is that they need to work for you. If you have to be the middle person who takes information from one system and have to type it up into another, this is both time consuming and costing you money. Making this work without you is a cost that will help you save time and focus on making money. If you are stuck at this stage, speak to us on a solution that will work for you. We are in Southampton, Hampshire and provide support in person. To speak to our team call us on 01489 290 001 for more info.

This post was brought to you by Baldeep on 13 Jun 2017.

Baldeep started the company knowing that IT doesn't have to be your frustration. Baldeep continued developing his skillset and has multiple accreditations to his name including his degree, Microsoft Certifications, ITIL and VMware Data Center Virtualization Certification. He is always learning to move IT forward for your business.

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