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Invoice Fraud - Did your customer really pay you?

7 minute read
When you carry out work for your customers, you expect to be paid. You call them about the invoice you sent and they said they paid you. Your bank shows no payment. What is going on?

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6 Traits for a start up business

14 minute read
There comes a time when many of us wish they had their own business, but for many, thinking about doing so, to actually taking the leap is a difficult one and it stops there. For this post, I want to share some realities a start up faces.

Give up 9-5 and start 5-9.

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Are you suffering from the IT Road Block?

3 minute read
Whether you are starting your own business or growing an existing business, getting your IT connected takes your time up, when ideally you need to focus on working with your customers.

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Email Security and Keeping yourself Safe

7 minute read
How do you know the email you are receiving is safe. When it comes to online payments and offers there is sometimes more than meets the eye. Find out more from the video in this post.

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