Faster and Easier invoicing for Adwords users

We have been working with Google Adwords but noticed that the information on both Google Answers and YouTube is outdated.

We have a new guide available to help you get your invoices without having to guess where to go. Please follow these steps.

Step 1: Log in to Google Adwords.

Step 2: Go to the Gear icon in the top right and select billing.
Image of Google Adwords Billing Part 1

Step 3: On the left menu go to Transactions. Now on the right hand side you will see "all transactions", please select "payments" from this drop down.
Image of Google Adwords Billing Part 2

Step 4: You should see the following below. If so, click on the blue link saying automatic payments (it may say manual payments for some of you). Then a new page opens with the VAT info, payment total and so on. Print off this receipt and file it away.
Image of Google Adwords Billing Part 3

Step 5: Now there is one more document to download. Click on the arrow (marked in red) to expand the invoices. They will download and you can use these along with the receipts if you need to make a claim for your accounts.
Print this off and file it away.
Image of Google Adwords Billing Part 4

Please note Google state that you do not get an email reminding you of your invoice because of privacy reasons. We requested an email as a reminder. Hopefully this changes in future. With the use of twitter, we have an update. Below is an update on 3rd March 2017 from the Adwords team.
Image of Google Adwords team tweets

If this interface is not what you see, then for existing Adword customers there is another interface that Google Answers mentions and the following YouTube video (from 2014) provides out of date information. From 9th May 2017 the adwords team have removed this video with the hope an updated one comes out soon.

Update for Aug 2018 Google Adwords support said that to get an email when they charge you, you need to
-Have a good gmail account for 1 year
-Have used Adwords for 1 year
-Spend $5000 a month (yes a month) to get emails from Google.

Tips for your Accounts
-Book a reminder for the 10th day of each month to login to billing
-Download the receipt aka automatic payment (not the invoice)
-It will be the receipt that matches your account, not the invoice.

If you have any questions about Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC), please speak to out team for more information on 01489 290 001.

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