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Developing India Part 2

India is benefiting greatly from the development of 4G networks mentioned last week. Even the giant corporations are paying attention with Google and Microsoft getting their name across India as I've not seen before. Below you can see a google advertising board by the airport (just left of the tree).

For Google, India is big business and being a large country CEO Sundar Pichai wants to grow Google in his home country. From 2016 in India there will be a public Wi-Fi platform called Google Station at the railway stations.

Image of Google advert in India

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is also if Indian decent working to build the brand within this large economy. He too wants more people online and in 2015 mentioned he wants 500,000 villages across India to be connected as mentioned on New Delhi TV.

During my time in India, I enjoyed what makes India India. Now I get to enjoy western technologies greater than ever before. With the ability to access the internet in more places than ever before I got to enjoy the sun, the views and the peace and quiet in my surroundings. In 2 hours I've managed to use the internet on my laptop whilst working remotely and even reading and enjoying the views.

Image 1 working outside in India

Image 2 working outside in India

Back in the UK, I get the views and the cold weather. When you compare the 2 countries, it's more appealing to go abroad and enjoy India in even more aspects.

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