Website Updates

We have included this updates page to be part of my RSS so that you can visit one section of the website for the latest news. RSS has been implemented but not every browser supports it (many browsers before 2005). We have updates appearing in this section to show what we have changed, added and even removed from the site.

The website is changing over time. The most recent updates include:

  • Working when there is a pandemic - With the history of COVID19, SARS, MERS and so on have you been able to maximise your work without risking the health of yourself and your family. With the help of technology, your office can be where you need it.
  • Invoice Fraud - Did your customer really pay you? - When you carry out work for your customers, you expect to be paid. You call them about the invoice you sent and they said they paid you. Your bank shows no payment. What is going on?
  • How Ransomware Damages Your Computer - Want to be protected from Ransomware, then here are some crucial tips.
  • OneDrive vs SharePoint. Which one should YOU use? - SharePoint and OneDrive, why are there 2 products and which should YOU use.
  • The life of a start up business - There comes a time when many of use wish they had their own business, but for many, thinking about doing so, to actually taking the leap is a difficult one and it stops there. For this post, I want to share some realities a start up faces.

Please visit this page for any updates. We will add links to pages recently updated.