Website Updates

We have included this updates page to be part of my RSS so that you can visit one section of the website for the latest news. RSS has been implemented but not every browser supports it (many browsers before 2005). We have updates appearing in this section to show what we have changed, added and even removed from the site.

The website is changing over time. The most recent updates include:

  • When MUST you CHANGE this Office Setting - This one setting could save your hours of work and at the same time cause havoc to your work. Understand how to be use this to make your working day easier.
  • This Feature SAVES you SPACE - Want to know about how you can utilise online storage but work remotely. Here is the answer.
  • Your Privacy when AI Goes Wrong - More and more of us have smart technology in our homes. With Christmas coming up, it's not long for more tech to be connected to the internet. Are you prepared for when it goes wrong?
  • The BEST Office Solution for YOUR Needs - Getting the best value from software makes your investment worth while. Picking the wrong option can hurt your pocket
  • Save time claiming your expenses - Would you like to save time with your monthly expenses? If you travel frequently, we have a solution that could save you a few hours each month.

Please visit this page for any updates. We will add links to pages recently updated.