Website Updates

We have included this updates page to be part of my RSS so that you can visit one section of the website for the latest news. RSS has been implemented but not every browser supports it (many browsers before 2005). We have updates appearing in this section to show what we have changed, added and even removed from the site.

The website is changing over time. The most recent updates include:

  • GDPR does not have to be a headache - There is now 2 months left to the new EU regulation that all companies have to follow (even if they are outside of the EU). For smaller businesses the process is easier so take advantage now.
  • Why Office 365 for your business? - For small businesses having a server in the office could be costing your more money than moving to the cloud.
  • Spectre and Meltdown, how it affects us - Did you know, that your phone, tablet and computer may be affected by Spectre or Meltdown or both? We explain how to stay safe.
  • Where's my data? - When we are dealing with paperwork, finding a file or even information within a letter is a time consuming process. With technology, we can find what we need with as little as a simple search. Want to know more?
  • Should you outsource your IT? - When it comes to your internal IT support, what are the benefits to keeping your IT in house vs outsourcing the expertise.

Please visit this page for any updates. We will add links to pages recently updated.