Website Updates

We have included this updates page to be part of my RSS so that you can visit one section of the website for the latest news. RSS has been implemented but not every browser supports it (many browsers before 2005). We have updates appearing in this section to show what we have changed, added and even removed from the site.

The website is changing over time. The most recent updates include:

  • This system blocks nasty virus and cleans IT systems - Viruses cause harm to computers, but isolating a computer from your IT network is not as easy as it should be. Now we have found a solution that works the way it should.
  • How to use Windows 11 - Windows 11 was released in Oct 2021. What's new and where did some of the settings from Windows 10 move to?
  • Planning for The End of ISDN Telephone Services - BT Openreach is switching off its traditional ISDN Network in 2025. What is more, this year it was announced that they will begin to phase out the sale of new ISDN services, including additional capacity to existing systems across the UK. Plan the move over to VOIP to avoid disruption to your business.
  • 5 reasons your dental practice should make the move to VOIP - If you haven’t already considered a VoIP phone system for your practice, now is the time to start thinking about making the move. If you are using traditional analogue telephony (ISDN), the switch-off date for BT’s network is getting closer, meaning it is no longer a question of if you move, but when you move?
  • Every useful feature of Microsoft Teams - Whether you are new to Microsoft Teams or not, we have listed the most useful parts of Microsoft Teams to speed up your day.

Please visit this page for any updates. We will add links to pages recently updated.