The Human Touch: Why We Prioritise Personal Communication Over AI Bots

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It's no surprise that many companies are turning to AI bots to handle customer inquiries. These bots promise efficiency and round the clock availability. However, as convenient as they may seem, they often fall short of providing satisfactory answers, leaving customers frustrated and dissatisfied.

Reflecting on personal experiences, such as a visit to Argos instore when the AI bot failed to provide the needed assistance, it becomes evident that relying solely on automated systems can be challenging and inefficient. That's why we, at Birak IT, believe in prioritising human interaction over AI bots when it comes to customer support.

Our approach is simple and designed to cater to individuals of all ages, ensuring that anyone, whether they're 5 or 105 years old, can easily reach out to us and receive the assistance they need. Here's how we make it effortless for our customers to contact us:

1. Call Us: Dial our number and speak directly to a member of our team in 30 seconds or less. We understand that time is valuable, so we ensure prompt assistance without the hassle of navigating through automated menus. Even if all our lines are busy, we offer a voicemail option to ensure that every inquiry is addressed promptly.

2. Email Us: Drop us an email with your query, including any necessary documents or pictures. Email provides a convenient platform for sending detailed inquiries and allows us to better understand your needs. Whether you have a simple question or require more complex assistance, our team is here to provide personalised support tailored to your specific situation.

3. Online Form: For larger customers managing multiple jobs, we offer an online form that can be completed in just 1 minute. This streamlined process is ideal for businesses that require efficient communication and management of various tasks. By filling out the online form, you can quickly convey your requirements, allowing us to respond promptly and effectively.

Make IT work without losing a human interaction
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While AI technology certainly has its place in streamlining processes and handling routine tasks, we firmly believe that it should complement, not replace, the human touch. Our goal is to provide genuine, personalised support to our customers, ensuring that their needs are met with empathy and understanding.

At Birak IT, we're committed to serving not only our customers but also the local community and small businesses. We understand the importance of building strong relationships and fostering trust, which is why we prioritise human interaction and genuine connection in all our interactions.

In conclusion, while AI bots may offer convenience, they often lack the depth of understanding and empathy that human interaction provides. By prioritising personal communication, we aim to create meaningful connections with our customers and deliver exceptional service that goes above and beyond expectations. So, whether you're facing a simple question or a complex issue, remember that at Birak IT, we're here to help, one conversation at a time.

We are helping businesses streamline there IT without losing the human touch. If you would like to know how this can benefit your business, please feel free to call our team on 01489 290 001.

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