Every useful feature of Microsoft Teams

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Whether you are new to Microsoft Teams or not, here, we will go over the most useful parts of Microsoft Teams that save you time, or even money working in the office or even at home. If there is a tip we have missed, please shared drop us a message at the end with tips that you find useful.

Joining Microsoft Teams Meeting

For many of you, you will likely know about Microsoft Teams when you are sent an email with a meeting request. To make it easy for you, here is a short video about joining a Microsoft Teams meeting

This 3 minute video guides you through this process

If you found this process painless, you will be surprised that you can use Microsoft Teams for free if you have an Office 365 account.

Starting a Microsoft Teams Meeting as the meeting organiser

Unlike the earlier tip, here you will be the meeting organiser. With this in mind, here is another short video of how to create a Microsoft Teams meeting and send this out to colleagues as well as people outside of workplace.

This 5 minute video guides you through this process

Presenting PowerPoint online

Microsoft Teams has a strong integration with Microsoft PowerPoint. There is a simple presentation mode within Teams.

This 4 minute video guides you through this process

Together mode

Unlike all the services from GoTo Meeting, Webex, Zoom etc, Microsoft has developed a feature that was released in 2020 called Together Mode. This allows you to see all the participants of a meeting as if you are presenting in one room (like a school, lecture, auditorium and so forth). This allows you to take away distractions like room furniture, background pictures and so on.

This video is in 2 parts so check them out here

Was there a feature or tip we missed. Share your feedback here

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