Peach Technologies buys Taylor Made

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We start the week sharing an update in the MSP industry with a local merger in the Fareham area of Hampshire worth £20M per annum.

For the MSP industry this is a big shake up as the competitors have decreased with one huge merger as Taylor Made join forces with Peach Telecom. We first wish to congratulation to Nigel and Aly as they have grown a successful business and sold it on. Peach have brought a valuable competitor to strengthen their business where they needed improvements.

People agree to the contract

Unlike our larger competitors, this doesn't affect our business as we are targeting a different market segment. As the merger increases the strength of the combined MSP, it's more a threat to the larger players in the area.

Having worked for Taylor Made and VT Group (who were acquired by Babcock) there will be movements of staff and systems over time. The IT systems will take time to merge if that is the end goal. For the staff, this is exiting times as there will be opportunities for individuals to work on larger projects (as the combined companies work with larger businesses in Hampshire and across the south of England).

Having seen VT Group brought out by Babcock, I've seen how the merger can take years from a legal standpoint as well as for internal systems. For Managed Service Providers, the customers and contracts will be an extra task that will require careful consideration. The transition could also allow for new IT services that were once not available. Should customers be worried about their IT services we would suggest speaking to Taylor Made or Peach Telecom directly to see how this affects your business as it's unfair to comment from the outside.

If your business is looking to acquire another business and need help merging the IT systems, please contact our team on 01489 290 001. You can also drop us an email.

This post was brought to you by Baldeep on 27 Aug 2018.

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