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Arrrg, not another password

We are told to have secure passwords but what is secure? Should we have a minimum number of characters, numbers, symbols and so on. Sometimes you will find a password is too long for the website (arrrgh).

We came across this video from the Washington Post. It shows some good and bad examples of passwords and gives reasons why this is the case.

Unlike other videos this highlights our experience with company policies and passwords. We hope you find this helpful. As our example below shows, please don't be like Geoff and write you password down on a sticky note. Don't even use the word "password" in your password.

picture of password on sticky note

If you wish to know more, or need help managing your passwords please speak to our team on 01489 290 001.

This post was brought to you by Baldeep on 27 Sep 2016.

Baldeep started the company knowing that IT doesn't have to be your frustration. Baldeep continued developing his skillset and has multiple accreditations to his name including his degree, Microsoft Certifications, ITIL and VMware Data Center Virtualization Certification. He is always learning to move IT forward for your business.

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