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5 reasons your dental practice should make the move to VOIP

4 minute read
If you haven’t already considered a VoIP phone system for your practice, now is the time to start thinking about making the move. If you are using traditional analogue telephony (ISDN), the switch-off date for BT’s network is getting closer, meaning it is no longer a question of if you move, but when you move?

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Every useful feature of Microsoft Teams

3 minute read
Whether you are new to Microsoft Teams or not, we have listed the most useful parts of Microsoft Teams to speed up your day.

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Microsoft 365 is here but what is it?

3 minute read
Microsoft 365 was updated on 21st April 2020. What do you need to prepare for in order to utilise this for your business?

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Working when there is a pandemic

5 minute read
With the history of COVID19, SARS, MERS have you been able to maximise your work without risking the health of yourself and your family. With the help of technology, your office can be where you need it.

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6 Traits for a start up business

14 minute read
There comes a time when many of us wish they had their own business, but for many, thinking about doing so, to actually taking the leap is a difficult one and it stops there. For this post, I want to share some realities a start up faces.

Give up 9-5 and start 5-9.

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8 Ways to Boost Your Productivity in the Workplace

11 minute read
When it comes to staff productivity, one area that can slow down the end is what IT systems are in place. Delays for staff can increase workloads and stress.

Here we discuss ways that our software can produce more efficient IT systems to keep staff working throughout the day.

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How Office 365 can save your Business Money?

3 minute read
For small businesses having a server in the office could be costing your more money than moving to the cloud. Here we discuss ways that your business can save money and free up time.

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How Microsoft Planner can save my team time?

2 minute read
As Microsoft say, it's "showtime". With Planner you can work better in a team saving you all time. Find out more in this post.

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