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Welcome to the BIT Blog from Birak IT guiding you through tech news stories we see and hear today. Here are 3 recent blog posts. If you don't read blogs often and prefer news to your mailbox, please sign up to The Birak Bulletin.

Warner Bros said site is illegal, but Google?

Website Security and Copyright? Your website could be revealing more content to Google and the other search providers than you think.

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VistaPrint web hosting - A total nightmare

Starting a small business is tough, but the worst problems can be your website. Who do you buy the website and domain from, is the price right, who can I trust?

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How to be Mobile Visible, NOT Invisible?

How often do we read emails and visit websites and think, why did I bother? The reality is that most of the content online is built for one platform, the PC. Here at Birak IT we have made our website not only for the PC market, but for the mobile platform too. Contact us for more info.

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