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Welcome to the BIT Blog from Birak IT guiding you through tech news stories we see and hear today. Here are 5 recent blog posts. If you don't read blogs often and prefer news to your mailbox, please sign up to The Birak Bulletin.

6 Reasons Why is Outlook the BEST Email Client?

If you don't use Microsoft Outlook, you should ask why large businesses do? If you do use this, then have you explored the features and benefits?

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How can virtualization save me money?

With more and more requirements for IT services, where do you store the hardware? How much hardware do you need?

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Discounted Software, Training and Office, Where can I get it?

Birak IT is working with local clients and there has a been a demand for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint training. Want to be involved, find out more.

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How Apple iphones and ipads could be affected?

If you are an avid Apple iPhone or ipad user, then please save this link in your bookmarks / favourites.

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Why should you keep your IT up to date?

Are you being prompted by updates again and again? Is it safe to update or should I stick with what I have?

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