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Welcome to the BIT Blog from Birak IT guiding you through tech news stories we see and hear today. Here are 59 recent blog posts. If you don't read blogs often and prefer news to your mailbox, please sign up to The Birak Bulletin.

How mobile gaming improves your health

Pokemon Go may be a waste of time for some but here is a wonderful story of a child in Southampton who benefit from this game on his mobile.

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What happens when my computer is ill?

We all know what happens to our body when we suffer from a virus or other illness. When our computer is effected with a virus, what do we do, what is the long term effect and are our files safe?

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How to be Mobile Visible, NOT Invisible?

How often do we read emails and visit websites and think, why did I bother? The reality is that most of the content online is built for one platform, the PC. Here at Birak IT we have made our website not only for the PC market, but for the mobile platform too. Contact us for more info.

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Why is Gorilla Glass 5 is 80% better?

New Gorilla Glass helps prevent phone smashes. Corning said Gorilla Glass 5 could survive more than 80% of drops from as high as 1.6m (5ft).

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Where to make the most noise on Social Media?

Socialising is not just about meeting your friends in the evening. Nowadays it is about online socialisation. With the internet by our sides, we can all get connected. With these tips you can find out

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How to use technology to attract local customers?

Starting a small business can be a fresh air, but how do others find out about you? Equally where are your suppliers? Getting on the maps of the search engines could help your business grow.

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Find out how our IT services can help your business?

When we talk about IT we think about computers, but behind the scenes, we have phones, tablets, internet connectivity, websites and software development. Where do you turn to for advice?

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Our Mission is to Help as Many Small Businesses

From a degree to a director. Find out how the story unfolded.

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Welcome to Birak IT

Birak IT is bringing you new and exiting services from the south coast. We want to help as many small businesses in Hampshire.

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