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There are multiple reasons to have a back up. Some include having your important files, pictures and videos copied in a second place in case your computer stopped working. Another great advantage of a back up is when you have a virus.

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In our busy lives, we need to access to our tech every day, but if we lost our files, how long would it take to get all of this information back. This is just as important on our tablet or your smart phone too.

For most people, knowing how to back up your files or what to back up is confusing. There is lots of software available but how do you know what is best for what you need? When you have a process to back up your IT systems, where do you store the back up?

Case Study for Small Teams

James is working with a small team going out on field work. He is emailed pictures and documents. He has to prioritise the work based on the documents he receives. All files sent to him are filed in folders and those documents must be kept for a number of years. James had a previous IT team who took care of his computers, network and backups. We realised when we took over that IT systems were not connected and only one computer had some backups but only certain folders were on the back up. To make this worse backups ran when James was working so this impacted his work.

We made sure all computers had backups of important information. This included both Windows and Mac based computers. The backups were set in accordance to best practice and they ran when James and the team were not using the systems. This meant the computers were more responsive during the day.

"Since Birak IT have managed the IT, I feel confident that the IT is safe and secure."

James runs a business in Fareham

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