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Are you running a startup business or working with a small team? There are times where staff are on holiday or out the office? Where do you go for IT expertise? As your business is growing, having a long term IT solution in place can help you keep the cost of your IT down whilst keeping productivity high.

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As a young business or even a start up, investing in your business can add up. Being on a fixed term contract may be a step you cannot afford. The last thing you want is to be told you need xyz.

Our team are in the same situation. This is why we discuss your pain points and look at the best way to resolve them within your budgets. This ensures you only utilise the services that will help your business. Marcus Webb is growing with their IT as you can see below.

Case Study with Remote Working Solutions

Marcus started his business in 2015 in Southampton Hampshire. Having a few computers with in the office with unknown to access the internet, he wanted to accommodate additional staff. Currently all files were located on individual computers.

A shared area for all staff to access has been set up, along with network devices (printers, phones, internet access) with cabling and health and safety in mind.

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The team can work remotely regardless of the weather and personal situations like children off from school without noticing a difference. There is no need for USB sticks or duplicate files on email. The team are ready to expand again in their new office. In addition, we automated processes for the team to save each member of staff 1 hour a day. Would you like to know more?

"Thanks very much for coming in and for all of the great work too.
Much appreciated!"

Marcus at Marcus Webb Associates in Southampton

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Supporting businesses around Southampton

Our team have recently helped businesses in Southampton and nearby locations below. Just like the recruitment business, if you would like your IT run more efficiently so you can focus on your business please call our team on 01489 290 001. With great links from Hedge End Rail Station and motorway links via the M27, we can provide support in person to our customers usually within 30 minutes.

Work more efficiently today

As a startup or small business, you don't want to tied to long term support contracts or expensive call outs. If we told you we can make emergencies a thing of the past, would you want to know more? Here's why we care about looking after the next generation of businesses in Hampshire.

Start your IT Support with A Health Check

We carried out work for a company in Winchester Hampshire. They didn't have a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan. Our team audited their IT set up and systems and found that without the audit, an outage could have related in days not being able to work. After a few changes, in 1 day, we had processes in place to ensure their IT was secure and they even had backups of critical systems. This related to a DR plan of having the most critical systems up and running within 1 hour (not days).

Would you like your IT to work the way you want it? Call our IT Service Desk on 01489 290 001 or drop us an email about our Proactive IT solution.

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