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Get the help you need at home

When you are having problems with the internet, printing or even with your computer, the last thing on your mind is take it to a repair center. With Birak IT we come to you. This means that we fix the problems you encounter at the place you use your IT devices from computers, laptops, printers, wireless devices and the router for the internet.

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When you work from home the idea of taking everything apart and travelling to a repair center takes more time than you planned. If you have to make multiple visits to the IT support provider, the days add up.

We can arrange for an IT support engineer to come to your home. We will make sure we have everything working the best way possible for your needs. This saves you from worrying about what to plug in and where a missing cable is. Leave this to our team and focus on what you do best.

Case Study for Home Visits

Rita called our team after a new internet connection was installed in the home. She switched on her laptop and looked at unknown and couldn't access the internet. The internet provider said "the internet works". For them it was a case of if the router works, their job is done.

With a number of computers, mobiles, and a printer to connect up, our team ensured the internet and printing worked across the home (both upstairs and downstairs). This saved having to take everything to a repair center. Once Rita was online we could stop the neighbours using her internet connection. We made sure that Rita got the best use of her new internet connection. Working from home is possible now and this allows for flexible working.

Secure your internet connection today. Want your IT problems fixed today? Call our team on 01489 290 001.

"Thank you for your help last Thursday and all of the other times you have bailed us out!!"

Rita in Southampton

We recently worked around Southampton

Our team have recently helped residents in Southampton and nearby locations below. Just like Rita, if you would like your IT to be up and running without leaving your home please call us on 01489 290 001.

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Help with Laptops, Computers, Printing, Wifi, Internet and much more. Would you like your IT working without leaving your home? Call our team on 01489 290 001 or drop us an email for help at home.