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Welcome to the BIT Blog from Birak IT guiding you through tech news stories we see and hear today. Here are 36 recent blog posts. If you don't read blogs often and prefer news to your mailbox, please sign up to The Birak Bulletin.

Stay safe from Petya and DoublePulsar Rootkit

There is a new threat about today that is affecting computer systems across the globe.

Are you suffering from the IT Road Block?

Whether you are starting your own business or growing an existing business, getting your IT connected takes your time up, when ideally you need to focus on working with your customers.

Virtual meetings can save IP's time and money

In April 2017, a new set of rules came into place. Find how out the new rules affect you whether you are a creditor or an insolvency practitioner.

Telephone systems made easy

Do you ever get the feeling what do I need, where do I go to buy it and how do I make it all work? Get a sneak preview. Ring Ring.

Stay safe from WCrypt and Cryptolocker Virus

There is a new threat to all our computer systems that has affected the NHS in the UK as well as computer systems around the world. There are various steps required to look after your it systems.

Email Security and Keeping You Safe

How do you know the email you are receiving is safe. When it comes to online payments and offers there is sometimes more than meets the eye. Find out more from the video in this post.

Support when you need it

How often do you call up a service desk for a job that needs to be done at a later date and wait for days before you get the time confirmed. We can save you time.

Slamming the door on hackers

How do you protect your home from the outside world? Easy you say, lock the door and close the windows. How about your IT systems?

Faster and Easier invoicing for Adwords users

Are you new to Google Ads? Are you using adwords for your business? If you are like us, you will need to access your bills from Google but the information has changed.

VMware training made affordable for you

We have the latest VMware training available in Feb at multiple locations to help you save money.

SEO Advice: Ad text vs Keywords explained

If you are looking to promote your business on BING or Google, how do you decide on your advert text and keywords?

How to Install Windows Server 2016

Want to set up Windows Server 2016 in your environment? How long do I have before I need to activate my copy? Here we give an insight into this new product and you can find out more from our simple guide.

Developing India Part 2

Last week we mentioned about the developments in mobile technology. This week we get to see the sun, the views and enjoy the technology.

Developing India Part 1

Recently having travelled to India I've seen the growth of technology for my own eyes. Here I will share with you some of my findings.

Saving you money for Christmas time.

How often do you go to the shops and ask about a gift for a loved one or help getting the tech you need? The retailers want you to spend, spend, spend and commission is on the mind of the sales man or woman. Do you really get what you need in the end?