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Simple solutions providing remote working

There are multiple reasons why you may need to work from home, COVID-19, health, awaiting a delivery or engineer and even for the school run. Working part time is not the ideal scenario when you need to cover your personal expenses. With the help of our services, you can work from home or abroad and your customers will not see any any difference.

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Traditional office environments meant that your files are on your work computer or a shared server. This meant that you need other solutions like terminal services, Citrix or VPN to access files away from the office.

If you also have a landline number, how do you route your calls to your mobile? When you call customers back, they will get access to your mobile number. This is not ideal if you are using a personal mobile at home. With our solution, you can make and receive calls from the business number from your Mac or Windows computer and even from your iPhone and Android phone.

Case Study for remote working

Daniel and Chris co-own an air conditioning business. Moving away from a local file server, the staff are working from home. Excel files are updated by multiple staff at the same time. This has made the COVID-19 outbreak with social distancing possible. With staff working from home and engineers wearing masks on appointments, there is little contact. Mostly with the help of Email and chat (Microsoft Teams). Staff can meet up using video conferencing.

Phone calls can be taken at home with an internet based phone that works with most internet providers. Therefore staff are not sharing personal numbers with customers and incurring call charges that would be business calls.

With deliveries on the increase, staff don't need to worry about booking time off. Remote working is also saving time and travel costs which is an added bonus for the team. With home working being successful, businesses like Woodhouse Services could see the home working trend increasing.

"Since we have been using Birak IT we have received IT solutions that have saved us both time and money. Service is fast, professional and friendly with an easy to use dashboard for raising problems and queries which are updated promptly. Birak IT is professional, experienced and we have no hesitation in recommending their services."

Daniel at Woodhouse Environmental Services

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