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If you cannot affords thousands of pounds of IT kit, software and maintenance, then please read on. Our team can get you an affordable solution without the added costs.

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If you are starting a business, a slow internet connection or work in remote locations, we have a solution for you. Welcome to hii.

Being offline without an internet connection is a reality for small business and even larger businesses wanting business continuity. A decent connection is not always possible with existing systems. With hii you can say goodbye to your existing problem and provider. We can help you get online along with your computers and telephones.

Case Study for a new website

Edmark is a young business in Portsmouth and recently move to Fareham, where was no internet connection available. The current provider offered them a solution that got an internet connection for 1 computer but the rest were still offline. Even worse was no connectivity to the network including the printer and file server. This looked to be a puzzle.

We provided hii to give connectivity to the internet and all the existing network devices. Support for telephones, printing and file server is now accessible to the team. With hii there is not a reliance on the single internet connection, but the multi internet connection ensures an always on connection between multiple connections. If the premise even had permission for cabling from the nearest exchange, then the cost would have ran into the thousands. hii has saved the time, hassle and provided the solution that Edmark needed.

"Thank you for you expertise and service."

Viv at Edmark

The Added Service of hii (here it is)

On top of our internet service, we can monitor our solution in case of a drop out. For example, if someone accidentally switches it off. This ensures our team can be in touch to resolve this so you are continuously able to work. Would you like the hii service?

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