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Running a website server, takes time, requires overheads and maintenance. With our hosting solutions include WordPress Joomla and Magento and you can be up and running the same day. Our hosting platform is a fraction of a servers price and overnight maintenance is managed by the team. Worried about website attacks, we have this covered too.

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If you are starting a business, having a website to sell your product or service helps customers get in touch. After all, you got this far so you have seen our shop window.

If you are working on your own, or with a small team, having a hosted solution will allow you to scale up your business and you only pay for what you use. Whether your demands increase once a month or once a year you only pay for the extra demand when you need it.

Case Study for a new website

Ashley and his team at DDB Physiotherapy Clinic help with a range of services from Physiotherapy, Sports Massage and Reflexology to a name a few. Having a website ensures people can find out more about the treatments on offer before they call the clinic. It saves staff time explaining treatments in detail and their pricing is also shown to the customer. Once the customer is happy they can get in touch via email, telephone or filling in an online form.

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We provided DDB a WordPress website hosting platform that enables enables Ashley to login and update content from a computer of his choice. This means he is not reliant on us or being at the clinic making changes on a Saturday evening when he is with his family. With a fast hosting server and website security via SSL certificate customers can be sure that any form data submitted is securely sent to DDB Physio.

In January 2019 Google want website owners to utilise SSL certificates and ensure websites are mobile friendly. You will see we have this covered with DDB Physiotherapy Clinic and Birak IT.

"Great support and response to queries and extremely knowledgeable."

Ashley at DDB Physio

The Added Service as Standard (BOSH)

On top of our hosting, from server to website hosting, we ensure your data is safe a secure. We will back up your data as standard so that in the event of needed files that were changed or deleted in error, you are back to where you were. Would you like the added service?

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