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A BT Landline Replacement

Key features

Why make the move to this phone system?

  • This works using your internet connection
  • Simple to install
  • Transfer calls to mobiles
  • Pick up calls abroad for no extra
  • Call recording options
  • Works with Android, iPhone, Apple Mac and Windows computers
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BT Openreach are switching off landlines

Throughout the UK BT Openreach will be providing internet only without landlines in September 2023. In 2025 any household still using a landline will have the service switched off even if you had one for the last 50 years.

This is a nightmare scenario for existing landline holders as the number is known to friends, family, doctors, dentists and so on. We can help you move over your landline with the same number before this switch off happens giving you peace of mind.

Our Phone System is Simple and Portable

Are you still actively using a landline to receive calls? Get your voicemail sent to email and schedule times in the day when the phone can ring so you can get a good night sleep.

Would you like to know how portable landlines can help you when you move home. We simply plug in the system at your new home and the number moves with you (even if you move town or city). We even have an app that can work on your mobile so you never miss a call when you need to go out and get the shopping. Schedule a demo with our team on 01489 290 001 or drop us an email.

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A unified communications solution that brings together voice, video, chat and online collaboration in one place.

You can access the system by your choice of device. This can be fixed desk phones, mobile handsets or via the softphone application which is downloaded onto your computer. Our solution is cloud-based. Making it easy to use in different locations. All upgrades are automatic.

Key features

  • Plug the phone in and start receiving calls
  • Call forwarding to your mobile
  • Get your voicemails on your email
  • Stop receiving calls during the night

All available in a simple to use web-based interface. Simple pricing plans means you know your call costs upfront.

Don't be stuck to the wall

There used to be a time where you had to call your landline provider to move homes. You have to choose a date that suits your provider, not yourself. Would you like to know a better solution, a solution that works for you? Would you like a solution that also works for Android, iPhone and Windows? We have this covered too. Take your calls on the move whether you are walking the dog, with the children or even on holiday.

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Case Study for Hampshire Residents

James moved over to our system in 2019 when he was living in Burseldon, Southampton. He moved home in 2021 to Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh. As the telephone was not linked to BT Openreach, he didn't have to book an engineer to move his number over to the new home. This would have resulted in 1-2 days of calls being missed as well as the call out of the engineer twice. With the help of a portable landline, he was able to move on the date of his choice and was up and running in minutes.

Telephones with our solution can work with handsets you are already familiar with. We have simple, colourful and portable handsets with our solution. Both traditional and modern.

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During the home move, the telephone was up before the computers, printers, television, the picture frames and furniture. No telephone engineer was required. It was just a matter of plugging in a cable. The very next day James was receiving numerous calls about the seeing the home from friends and family.

"Really appreciate your help. This was quicker than expected. Thank you."

James in Southampton

Supporting residents around Southampton

Our team have recently helped residents with their telephone lines in Southampton and the nearby locations below. Just like James, if you would like a professional telephone solution to replace your BT Openreach landline for your home please call our team on 01489 290 001.