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On many occasions the true damage to IT systems is carried out from online threats. This could be in the way of documents downloaded, passwords and IT networks. In 2013 a ransomware called CryptoLocker caused damage to IT systems which locked your out of your files unless you paid the ransom. CryptoLocker was still causing damage to computers and even servers in 2016. Then from 2017 we came across Wannacry and every few months a new threat emerges.

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In our busy lives, we need to access to our tech every day, but if we lost our files, IT systems or even our internet connection, how long would it take to get all of this information back. This is just as important on our tablet or your smart phone too.

If you are working on your own, you don't have the luxury of swapping computers. For this reason alone we feel that another day won't hurt and just work around the problem. For some infected computers delays cause more harm than good so where do you go for help? With a larger team one computer can affected others too. Cyber threats can affect your IT systems without you knowing.

Case Study for Small Teams

Ismail is the Deputy CEO of a social enterprise business and helps individuals gain skills and get into paid work. He works with a team who collectively have a number of passwords to remember and often there would be a problem of who registered with which website and what details. It is time consuming finding out which email is used with a particular website before you can attempt resetting any password.

Passwords managers allow for 1 password access to your entire vault. With the help of a password manager and multifactor authentication, passwords can be complex without risking duplicate passwords. With solution from Birak IT, breached passwords are alerted to so this account in question can also be updated promptly.

Passwords are now managed in house and the team know what the website is, the email/username and the password. The best part is that no one needs to remember multiple passwords and none of the passwords are used on different systems. This means that the passwords are strong and complex so when there is a password breach from a large company in the US, they only change password and that's the end of it. Saving time and not hassling all the staff for help. Before you ask, there are no sticky notes in the office.

"The IT support Birak IT provide is exceptional."

Ismail at Human Beans

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At Birak IT, we take security serious which is why we have been certified with Cyber Essentials Plus. We strive to keep security at the forefront with the services we user and the solutions we recommend for our customers.

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