Keeping your Office 365 data safe

Backup for Email, OneDrive and SharePoint

There are multiple reasons to have a back up. With Office 365 backups your data is in a second place without you needing to worry about backups in the office.

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In our busy lives locating emails that were deleted months ago become a difficult task. It's even harder if you only need emails for a particular folder. As our business grows we will encounter changes with staff. You don't keep every account active years after they leave, but if you need the emails, what do you do?

For most people, setting up backups and ensuring they are carried out is time consuming. If the staff member in charge is away, who takes over? There is lots of software available but how do you know what is best for what you need? When you have a process to back up your IT systems, where do you store the back up?

Case Study for Small Teams

When working in a small business, Grant doesn't have the space or the time to set up and maintain backups of his systems. His files are in Office 365 and he needs to keep records of his data for Companies House and HMRC.

With backup for Office 365, Grant and the team keep their data in the cloud, with our solution keeping their data safe in a secure UK data centre. Our software will back up files 3 times a day. This covers email, calendar apppointments, contacts, OneDrive files and SharePoint. This means that staff don't need to keep files locally and there is no server required to copy files to a second place. The best part is the internet connection is free for staff to use for their leisure at all times.

"Just genuinely really helpful. Everything was sorted to the best I could have expected. Thanks!"

Grant works in an Office environment

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