Should I outsource my IT?

Working with a number of small businesses, the main focus is to get as much done with the knowledge of the team in house. Start up companies up to 30 can vary which where there is an expert in a particular team (Accounts, HR, IT, Marketing).

When you have an in house team, you are training your staff, you are providing them with holidays, pensions, sick leave and breaks for training externally. What happens when it comes to the Christmas break? You may have teams what are working but the workloads are low during that time. There are times when you may wish for staff to be off collectively but then the team need time off later on or even have used up their leave.

Having an external support team available when workloads increase to cope with increased demands allows you to keep your staff numbers lower until you need the support full time.

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Reduce training budgets
There are costs benefits with internal staff, like saving on the cost of an external company. At the same time, you are paying for the training of staff yourselves. If that person leaves the company and you need to train up the next member of the team, that will be an additional cost to you and your business.

Help all year around
Taking cost away, internal staff will have to provide hand over for holidays and when you have a change in the team. When you outsource your IT you are calling the same team and between the engineering team, you will be speaking with a team who can assist you even when their team member is off. You are still able to get the support you need throughout the year.

No more up front costs
For a number of smaller businesses, our team have implemented cloud technology to save businesses thousands of pounds which would have went towards a new server. Monthly subscriptions allow businesses to keep hold of capital which can be invested on staff, training and growth in other areas of the company.

Whilst we cannot decide for you to outsource your IT or not, we can provide you the knowledge your business needs when you decide to get that help from our team all year around including Christmas, Easter, the summer holidays and the New Year.

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This post was brought to you by Baldeep on 20 Dec 2017.

Baldeep started the company knowing that IT doesn't have to be your frustration. Baldeep continued developing his skillset and has multiple accreditations to his name including his degree, Microsoft Certifications, ITIL and VMware Data Center Virtualization Certification. He is always learning to move IT forward for your business.

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