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Microsoft Planner where collaboration begins

Back in June Microsoft released details about a new application called "Planner". They released this last night and unlike some of the recent applications, this looks more useful for ordinary end users (you and us).

Here is a list of new applications released. Planner (like Sway) is also in green.

image of Microsoft applications

Microsoft said: The addition of Planner to the Office 365 lineup introduces a new and improved way for businesses, schools and organizations to structure teamwork easily and get more done. With Planner, teams can create new plans; organize, assign and collaborate on tasks; set due dates; update statuses and share files, while visual dashboards and email notifications keep everyone informed on progress. Check out the video for a demonstration.

This could help teams work through tasks and help team members that are overloaded or falling behind. After all we all want to get the projects finished so lets use the technology to our advantage.

If you would like help getting starting with Planner, please call the team on 01489 290 001.

This post was brought to you by Baldeep on 30 Sep 2016.

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